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As the #1 Propertybase Partner in the UK, we work closely with Propertybase and are responsible for growth in the UK. We started out as estate agents and understand the value of the product and how agents in the UK can improve the way they work using Propertybase.

Our Account Managers will help you explore Propertybase whilst taking the time to understand your agency. We’ll suggest ideas and help look for parts of your business that you can improve with technology.


One of the attractive things about Propertybase is the ability to make it your own. Agents are really taking advantage of this and choose Steelie as their implementation partner.

We work collaboratively with agents to design and deliver a bespoke CRM for their business, whilst making the most of the standard Propertybase application.

Here’s a few examples of things we help with:



This is pretty simple stuff with Propertybase. We can customise your CRM to capture all the data your business needs. Everyone has their own process, which means there are certain bits of data that you need to pick up along the way. Most of our clients had spreadsheets running in parallel with their CRM before moving to Propertybase. We mash it all together and get everything in one place.


We’re able to save agents time by automating aspects of the business that you want to be automated. This gives agents time back to spend on high value, relationship building activities with clients.


The reporting tools that come standard with Propertybase allow you to create whatever reports and dashboards you need. If the data is in the CRM, we can report on it and deliver these reports as dashboards to whoever needs to see them.


You’re no longer at the mercy of your CRM provider for integration with other tools. Propertybase is built on Salesforce, which has an open API. It’s also the number 1 business application in the world so thousands of tools integrate with it straight out of the box. Check the Salesforce AppExchange to see what’s available. If it’s not there, use the open API to integrate it yourself.


Custom HTML email templates and PDF templates combined with powerful, easy to use automation tools allow you to deliver a great experience to your customers from end to end. Our clients are making great use of these tools and presenting a high quality brand to prospective vendors and landlords.


Once your Propertybase CRM is up and running, we can support you as you grow into your new CRM and start to explore a better way of working.

We work with estate agents on a long-term basis providing a range of support depending on how much help you need. We can be your Propertybase Administrator and you can rely on us for everything, or we can help you with one-off projects such us a new integration and automating a process.