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What do agents like about using Propertybase?

Lead management in Propertybase is a breeze. Leads appear automatically from the portals and are distributed to agents however you choose. Agents are provided with all the tools necessary to help them effectively keep in touch with prospective vendors, landlords, buyers and tenants.

Listings are created and managed in Propertybase. The ability to customise the CRM allows you to capture whatever information is going to help you successfully market that property.

Agents love the automation of Propertybase. It’s possible to create workflows so they don’t have to remember the business process they’re supposed to follow. And you can automate the delivery of emails and SMS messages and the creation of tasks. Agents can focus on the high value activities of their job and Propertybase can automate the standard activity within the business.

Mobile access means Agents have the entire CRM on their phone when they’re out on the road. They no longer need to follow up on questions at appointments because they don’t have the information to hand or sit around between appointments wishing they could be doing something useful.


What do managers like about using Propertybase?

Managers get all the reporting information in whatever format they need with the ability to build your own reports and dashboards in Propertybase and they’re all available on mobile. Reports can be built on any data within the CRM and they can even land in a manager’s inbox each morning.


What do directors like about using Propertybase?

Propertybase is built on Salesforce, the number one business application in the world. It’s ability to be customised allows directors to nurture a culture of innovation, where their business is constantly improving to provide the best estate agency CRM for their team.

There’s also innovative features provided by Propertybase, who release new updates every two weeks, and Salesforce, who release updates three times a year. Technology is constantly evolving and Salesforce and Propertybase keeps an estate agency at the leading edge.

The Salesforce AppExchange is home to thousands of business applications that can be integrated with your CRM. If an integration is not already available, it can be built by leveraging the open API.

Directors are responsible for their agency’s data. Propertybase provides full control over who can access what data, where they can access it from and track important changes. Secure cloud technology ensures that data is safe and available to the team when they need it.