It’s important to be as efficient as possible in business. From capturing leads to completing on sales and everything in-between, your business needs a command center to meet your business needs. The operative words being your business needs.  

We all know the common CRM’s currently available to agents in the UK. These solutions offer most of the functionality we need, although we supplement the shortcomings with spreadsheets and stand-alone systems. Why do we do this? Put simply: because they don’t do everything we need them to do.

So we grow out of them. As a result, we’re left with a wishlist of functions that would enable us to spend more time with clients and less time on low-value tasks because let’s face it, we would rather be generating more business. But, we’re using the best CRM available to us so we’ll make do. Not to mention how much of a faff it would be to change to anything new. It’s all a bit scary. It’s just not worth it, we’ll stay as we are.

Well if there is one thing we’ve all learned over the last few years, it’s that being complacent certainly isn’t an option. If you’re standing on a burning platform, you don’t just stay and watch the flames. Sometimes, you’ve got to jump.

And jump is exactly what we’re finding agents are doing. Jumping from the constraints of their CRM, jumping into leading estate agency functionality and scalable technology. 

Problems and challenges

We need the support of a system that enables us to solve problems, develop our processes and drive revenue, all whilst delivering customer service excellence as well as improving the consistency of our service. But instead, we’re up to our eyes in spreadsheets.

We’re using additional systems and software that don’t sync with our CRM. We’re searching through drawers to find old MA notes. We’re using clunky systems to book viewings. We rely on paper checklists for sales progression milestones. We spend time navigating back and forth between antiquated systems just to be able to do our jobs.

Propertybase users in the UK are seeing the results of a smarter CRM.

They’re getting their time back and using it to drive revenue

Time is a precious resource, and Propertybase clients have more of it. They’re working more efficiently because of automation. They’re spending less time on administrative tasks and as a result, more time on generating income.

They’re using slick processes built around their business to manage their database.  They never miss a lead, and their hottest leads are getting the attention they deserve.


An imperative part of our business that all too often gets pushed to the bottom of the pile, either that or it has agents running for their car keys. Propertybase users are proving to be prospecting machines, supported by functionality that enables them to nurture their database, integrate their inbound marketing and turn their database into a deep freeze of MA opportunities. If they need more landlords, they know who to call. If they need more vendors, they know who to call.

Every instruction you need this year is probably already sat in your database. Our users are booking more MA’s and winning more instructions; they’re demonstrating the difference Propertybase makes to their prospecting capabilities.

Vendor Management

In an industry where we get a bad rap for communication, instructions are just too valuable to risk withdrawals on the back of poor communication. Propertybase users are building processes that support clear and consistent channels of communication. No spreadsheets to fill in, no bumping dates and complete transparency for all to see.


What does your viewing booking process look like? Propertybase clients are approaching this with ‘lean’ in mind. They’re building a process that decreases the volume of their workload. Their viewings are booked in just a couple of clicks. Their diary is colour coded by travel time, and this information is live. They’re seeing an improvement in their no show rates thanks to automated viewing reminders. Automated confirmations are saving their negotiators time from playing telephone tennis to confirm viewings.

Propertybase clients aren’t worried about not having any constructive feedback to report to their vendors, because they never miss feedback. Initial feedback is collected during viewings and inputted straight into their phone or iPad. This appears directly on their viewing notes and is sent straight to their vendor. It’s saving them time and it’s improving the customer experience. Win, win.

Sales Progression

Gone are the paper checklists and spreadsheets full of target exchange dates. Propertybase clients have all milestones, actions, and tasks they need, built into Propertybase. They’re using this information to automate notifications, generate auto emails and for some great reporting. They have more time to communicate with vendors and buyers; they’re busy keeping chains together and getting great customer feedback for their efforts.


Propertybase users are securing more business across departments and across branches. Users are making use of the all in one system, accessible to everyone across the business. Permission settings are easily configurable, ensuring users are only sharing the most appropriate information across teams.

Negotiators are knowledgeable and insightful, despite any distance between them. Sales to lettings, lettings to sales, mortgages and conveyancing, the Propertybase platform is enabling users to maximise cross-selling opportunities.

propertybase mobileThey’re running their business from their mobile

We’re no longer chained to our desks and we no longer work 9-5. We need to be able to conduct business on the go, wherever we are, but that’s not easy when we’re reliant on systems back in the office, not to mention in an office 200 miles away. Propertybase clients are working from anywhere. Propertybase is fully optimised and the answers users need, are all available, right there on their phone or iPad.

Real-time insight into their business

How long do you spend digging for the answers you need across multiple systems? Propertybase users are benefitting from easily consumable reports and dashboards that help them visualise their business performance, therefore driving better decision-making. Their operational, financial and marketing performance is all in one place. Not only that, but this also provides motivational dashboards for the entire team, allowing them to see exactly where they stand. As a result, everyone is saving time. Time they’re spending on income generating activities instead.

Propertybase users are turning their CRM into a true reflection of their business and the way it runs. Join the agents writing their own story of how technology is helping their business.

Ask us a question! Get in touch, we’d love to chat with you. We’re here to help agents shake off the limits of tech that is holding them back.